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Successful Partner Families

We are asked on a regular basis, "How can I get a Habitat House?" and, "How can I get on the waiting list for a Habitat House?" and "How quickly can you get me into a Habitat house?" To help those interested in a Habitat Home, I'd like to share what makes a successful Habitat for Humanity Partner Family.

First off, we do not have homes that are built and sitting ready for a family. One of the basic tenets of Habitat for Humanity is that you must put in 400 hours of Sweat Equity time in building your home. This is imperative and mandatory. You may ask family members, coworkers, members of your church or an organization you belong to to assist in earning those hours but there is no short cut to this process.

Second, we do not maintain a waiting list of names. We do an Open Application period each fall, typically in September or October. Those interested in applying for a Habitat Home need to come to the office during that time, or call and we will happily mail an application to you. We advertise in the newspaper, the radio, the television. Promote it on a variety of area online calendars, as well as our Facebook page. We hang flyers around town and notify various agencies in the North Platte area. We make every effort to reach out to those who might qualify.

Speaking of qualifications, we have four criteria for applying: