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Moving On

This week is going to be a little, in our homeowner's own words..."bittersweet." We are so very excited for Kelly and Jerry, Habitat homeowners since 2009, as they begin their new life in their new home. You see, Kelly and Jerry are moving from their Habitat home to a new house they've been renovating since, well, since I've known them. Such an exciting adventure for them but that means they will be moving on from their Habitat home.

This happens. A Habitat family is selected and the journey begins. They work, side by side, with our volunteers until their home is built. It is dedicated and the family receive their keys. All the hours of sweat, laughter, fun, food and fellowship culminate in a house becoming a home. The family becomes part of a very exclusive club. As the years go by they share their joys with us, their sorrows and their triumphs. They grow as a family and as community members.

That growth leads to other things: school, job promotions, bigger opportunities. That growth sometimes means they move on from their Habitat house. The place where it all began. That growth comes with mixed emotions for us, their Habitat family. We are excited and happy for their new adventure but sad that we will most likely lose touch with them. That doesn't mean they leave our hearts, however, or our family.

So, Kelly and Jerry, good luck, and know that we will miss you as you move onto to your new home but just because you are leaving your Habitat home doesn't mean you will be leaving the Habitat family or our hearts.

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