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Its been a long time

A few weeks back I was doing some research on a particular artist I'd recently discovered and came across her own website. I looked through her Gallery of work, read her About Me page, perused the various locations to purchase her work and ended up on her blog page. I was interested in what she might have to say about her art, her travels, her process. Unfortunately her Blog page consisted of one post: a statement of how excited she was to begin blogging and a promise to be a regular contributor. That single post was uploaded on November 17, 2011. Nothing since.

It was then I realized, its been a long time since I posted to our Blog Page. It wasn't for the lack of desire, or the lack of anything to discuss - we have been very busy. It was simply I haven't made this page a priority.

Several years ago I published an online magazine for "women of a certain age" with by business partner called WEENC. We loved that magazine and published new content every month with articles, jokes, book club suggestions, a featured individual whose work we embraced and admired as well as our own columns. I loved reading Coffee with Kelly almost as much as I loved writing Blonde Daze. By the time we put the magazine to bed, we had accumulated readers in 73 different countries. And if there ever was a time we didn't get the articles, the columns or the book titles changed out in a timely (monthly) fashion, we heard about it!

So please accept my apologies for not staying currently or timely with this Blog. We certainly have plans and experiences to share with you here.

I will endeavor to stay have my promise.

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