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What's the Deal with Sweat Equity?

So most folks know that a Habitat for Humanity Homeowner has put in some Sweat Equity on their home. Its what makes Habitat for Humanity a unique organization and makes the experience for homeowners and volunteers alike so rewarding.

But what is Sweat Equity and what does it mean?

Let's begin....

Sweat Equity is the time homeowners spend working on their home, or the homes of other partner families. It is meant to give the homeowner a true sense of ownership from beginning to end of the process. It is also meant to give the homeowner a sense of pride when they can proclaim, "I built my own home!" They also learn just what it takes to build a house, valuable information for any homeowner.

Here at North Platte Area Habitat for Humanity our homeowners must earn 400 hours of Sweat Equity. Other affiliates choose to set higher or lower numbers. We have found 400 hours allows the homeowners ample time to work on the house and complete their education hours before dedication.

Yes, education is included in the Sweat Equity. Each homeowner must complete 25 - 30 hours of Homeowner Education that includes budgeting, Habitat History and Values, Appliance Maintenance and Care, Lawn care and much, much more. This education is imperative for the homeowner's success.

If you have any questions about Habitat for Humanity's Sweat Equity guidelines, or anything else associated with Habitat for Humanity please give us a call at (308) 534-6451, email us at or stop by our office at 420 N Cottonwood, North Platte, NE.

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