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Get Involved! Its Easy.

We are asked regularly, either here at our site or even when we are out and about in our wonderful community - "How can I get involved in Habitat for Humanity?" Luckily we know exactly how they can get involved and are happy to share that information.

First off, contact the office. Call us at (308) 534-6251, email us at or just come on in to the office at 420 N Cottonwood. We love talking about Habitat for Humanity and would be happy to visit with you about the opportunities available for those interested in lending a hand.

But if you cannot make it in, here are some ideas for getting involved:

Come to our Build Days. We work nearly every Saturday during our build season (April - November) and love to welcome new Volunteers. We will hand you a hammer or a paintbrush, right after you complete the Liability Waiver and sign in to the book. Plenty of folks are on hand willing to get you started. No need to be shy here, you are among friends.