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Such good friends

I've often heard what a good organization Habitat for Humanity is. Once, while having a minor procedure in the hospital, the nurse asked what type of work I do. I responded, "I work for Habitat for Humanity." She gasped and nearly shouted, "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" I just smiled.

One could say that reaction comes from the work we do, build homes for low-income families. At this affiliate we build three a year. That is what we can manage with the volunteers we have and the funds we generate. That is three families every year that receive the love and generosity of volunteers who come together to build them a decent home to raise their children in.

I say that reaction comes as a direct result of the friends we have who make this work possible. Last Friday we received a call at the office from one of those friends. He sold his lumber yard and the new owners were not interested in all of the inventory. He asked if we wanted to come by and see if there was anything we could use. By the end of the day we'd gathered lumber, siding, doors, light bulbs, faucets, cabinets, tub surrounds, sinks, even a bathtub. The bulk of those items will go directly into the homes we build, insuring our work will continue.

Such a generous donation, such a good friend.

Thank you, Pat. We are forever grateful for what you have given us over these past twenty years.

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