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Home ownership may be within your reach

We are a non-profit Christian housing ministry that builds houses with partner families and then sells the house to the family at no interest and no profit.

We accept applications for Partner Families once a year in July. 

We partner with the following criteria:


  • Must be in need of better housing

  • Must have the ability to make monthly mortgage payments of $450-$550* (but unable to receive a conventional loan)

  • Must be willing to partner with NPAHFH to build their house and the ability to complete 400 hours of sweat equity

  • Must currently live and/or work in North Platte, NE area for at least a year.

How to Request an Application


To receive an application contact us at:

          North Platte Area Habitat for Humanity
          420 N Cottonwood St P O Box 1785
          North Platte, NE 69103

          Phone: 308-534-6251

*Mortgage payment includes homeowners insurance and property taxes

Want to know more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

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