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Friday, July 14 600 PM Venue304 (2).png

An evening of bootleggers, jazz, social revolution, prohibition, flappers, speakeasies, swanky atmospheres and, of course, murder!!!

Friday, July 14 at 6:00 p.m. at Venue304
Tickets are $50 each or $80 per couple.

Club owner Felix Fontano, son of bootlegger and crime boss Frank Fontano, is murdered during the party being held at his jazz club, The Catz Meow. The guests must determine who did it and turn the perp over to old Frank and his gangsters.

If a full-on police investigation occurs, all the guests could be targeted by the mob, since the police are notoriously corrupt and would probably leak their identities. Plus, many of the characters are prominent citizens and want to avoid scandal. They must find the murderer as quickly and quietly as possible and turn him over to Frank Fontano for swift justice.

Dress up as a mobster, flapper or just your best roaring 20s garb. No costume? No problem! We'll have props available in our treasure chest for a small donation.

Get your photo taken at our Wanted Poster selfie stand.

Special cocktails (cash bar), apps, dinner and dessert. All you have to do is enjoy your evening in the club while utilizing the clues to catch the killer. You can even buy an alibi to help a character alude his, or her, fate!

We've pulled out all the stops on this one... it's an event you won't want to miss!

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