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Taylor Salas

Ms. Real Estate

Taylor Salas is a Realtor at Coldwell Banker Preferred Group here in North Platte. She began working for their rental department while working on obtaining her real estate license.


During her time in the rental department, she gave birth to a little girl, Wyatt Rose, who is now 3!


In May of 2017 Taylor began her dream career as a Realtor, and has been building her clientele ever since!


Recently, Taylor joined the North Platte Chamber Hostess's and enjoys her time with the wonderful ladies involved. 

Although she is not a North Platte native, she has lived here for 10+ years and has always called Nebraska home! 

In her free time, Taylor enjoys training at 2 of North Platte's local gyms, The Firehouse and Anytime Fitness. She's also sure to be traveling a few times a year!

As a realtor, Taylor understands the importance of home and place to call your own. This is why it meant so much to Taylor to take part in the Ms. Habitat competition and do her part to make sure someone was able to have that dream for themselves.

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