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Katie Rupp

Ms. Fitness

Hi my name is Katie Rupp. I’m an identical twin, mom, and realtor. I was born and raised in Colorado and moved here 3 years ago from Denver.


I currently work at Gateway Realty full time as a realtor and I’m the membership coordinator at Nebraska Athletic Club. I am also on the advisory board for North Platte Young Professionals and North Platte Mom Tribe administrator.


I used to be a nationally qualified strong woman from winning 1st in every competition I competed at in 2016-17 and was personal trainer for 5 years. I’ve been into fitness since 6 months after my 3rd kid was born in 2012. My heaviest lift ever was a 440lb deadlift, 315 lb. squat, and 225 lb. bench. Now I just train light to keep the fit look. 

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