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Emily Collins

Ms. Manager

I was a beautiful bouncing baby girl born months premature weighing under 3 lb. I was in an incubator in Omaha for several months. I made it through and look at me now! You would never have guessed.


Born in McCook Ne on November 8th to my super awesome parents Sheri and Lonnie they couldn’t be more blessed than to have me as I am the favorite. I am named after my great grandmother Emily Teter and my middle name came from my mom which I have carried onto my daughter.

So, speaking of kids I’ve got 1 son, he’s 23 and a complete Rockstar and pain. My baby girl is 19 and she is my mini me unfortunately. Enough said!  Lesson learned be kind to your parents cause we all know how paybacks can be. And boy oh boy did I get paid back in 10 full.

Around 3rd grade I moved to Missouri and lived there until 9th grade when I returned to Nebraska to live with my dad. Best days of his life ever raising a teenage girl on his own. Not saying he will ever do it again and he threatened me often with “I brought you into this world I can take you out”. No clue why he would talk to his baby girl like that! I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world I am sure my parents felt the same.

Married to a very special man (the kind of special that you’ll either love him or hate him) just joking - he is great everyone loves him. He has put up with me for 9 years, vice versa.

My family and friends are the very most important thing in my life. I love being surrounded by them as often as possible. I also love to be around water. Kayaking, boating, swimming and floating down the river in a tube with a cold refreshment it doesn’t get any better than that. I am a Huskers fan it’s the only way to be and recently become a Chiefs fan thanks to my mom and stepdad. GO BIG RED, GO CHIEFS!

I bartended, then went onto manage at a local bar for 12 years, before becoming the manager of the mall. Both careers are very rewarding as I like meeting people and socializing.

I was initially hesitant about taking on the responsibility of being a Ms. Habitat contest in this fund-raising effort but after I shared the invitation with my family, they insisted I get involved.  I am so happy to be able to help out this amazing organization. Habitat for Humanity truly gives back to this community and I’m committed to helping them.

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