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Construction Coordinator

North Platte, Nebraska USA


To apply, please email your resume with “Construction Manager” in the subject line to

The role of the Construction Coordinator is to oversee the management, safety, planning, scheduling, and supervision of construction activities for residential housing. This includes but is not limited volunteer engagement, field staff, subcontractor/supplier oversight as well as job site supervision and materials acquisition and control. 


Key Responsibilities:

Construction Planning and Scheduling:

  • Works with the Executive Director to plan the construction schedule for the year, and ensure timelines are met. 

  • Ensures all permitting requirements are met and that houses are built to code and pass inspection.


Construction Site Management/Supervision:

  • Ensures that proper materials and tools are available on-site.

  • Organizes work plans and supervises construction volunteers.

  • Works with Outreach Coordinator to establish a schedule of specific volunteer activities with as much lead time as possible for recruitment.

  • Ensures the success of the volunteer program by promoting a positive and engaging volunteer experience on the job site.

  • Creates lasting relationships with construction volunteers, developing them into skilled regular contributors.

  • Ensures volunteers are welcomed and instructed on proper job site safety at the start of each project day.

  • Works with future homeowners to provide training and support for their successful completion of program requirements.

  • Records all hours of in-kind professional/trade donations and reports accordingly.

  • Assists in tracking all volunteer hours and reports accordingly.


Worksite Safety and Security:

  • Creates/maintains a strong safety culture through programs and compliance for all staff and volunteers.

  • Employs anti-theft measures for all equipment and materials.

  • Working with field staff and volunteers, the Construction Coordinator ensures all construction sites are safe.


Materials Procurement:

  • Orders materials while maintaining efficiency. Solicits bids as appropriate.

  • Organizes timely ordering and delivery of materials and supplies.

  • Manages warehouse and maintains lean inventory of unused materials.

  • Reviews and codes invoices/receipts appropriately. Submits documentation to bookkeeping in a timely fashion.

  • Solicits and documents in-kind donations of materials and tools with support from the Executive Director.



  • Solicits and reviews bids for subcontractors as appropriate.

  • Ensures all subcontractors provide proper documentation, insurance, licensing, contracts, etc., prior to starting work.

  • Schedules and monitors subcontractor and inspector activities to ensure timely and accurate project completion.

  • Solicits and documents in-kind professional services with support from the Executive Director.


Interpersonal Communication/Leadership:

  • Create and maintain relationships with project teams, management, subs, suppliers, and partner families.

  • Communicates key objectives, schedules,and volunteer needs effectively between team members.

  • Communicates accurately and in a timely manner any problems, delays, or impediments from the construction site to the office.

  • Fosters an environment of learning and team building for construction volunteers, partner families, and fellow staff members.



  • Minimum of 3 years work experience in residential construction, 6+ years preferred.

  • Thorough knowledge of construction materials, methods and safety protocols.

  • Experience with large equipment (skidloaders, etc).

  • Skilled in the art of teaching all phases of construction trade to un-trained volunteers.

  • Must pass Habitat for Humanity’s Competent Safety Training.

  • Excellent listening and communication skills.

  • Able to manage conflict effectively.

  • Enjoys working with a diverse set of individuals from all age ranges and backgrounds.

  • Able to plan, schedule, coordinate, delegate and manage multiple work activities.

  • A valid Driver's License with a clean driving record.

  • Basic computer skills (excel, word, outlook, etc.)

  • Ability to lift 60 pounds and perform physically demanding work in a variety of weather conditions.


To apply, please email your resume with “Construction Manager” in the subject line to

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